Want more choices?
Fordrich is your choice.
Fashionable articles from diverse animal kinds with various fantasy finishings on Italian trendy colours.
In our showroom,
you may enjoy your day by
immersing in our large pool
of leather & furs.
We specially set up a large showroom in our office displaying over 1000 kinds of leathers and furs form different tanneries. To make a better decision, you may spend your day by carefully inspecting the nature and characteristics of each articles and think about which one is the right choice.
Furs and leathers
from all kinds of creatures
that you love to see
or even unexpected.
Cow and Lamb leathers are the hot picks that we are always proud of.
Besides that we also carry exotic leathers including python and crocodile.
If it sounds too common, what about cammel, horse, frog or even fish?
We may just got more than you imagined!
A surprising range of
fabalous colors and
fantasy finishings
be offered.
Apart from dyeing with beautiful colours or embossing with special patterns, some leather tanneries are always innovative to apply many kinds of unique finishings.
As closed partner with the tanneries, we always keep updated with their lastest attempt and get it in our showroom.
Each of the Leather is checked by us.
It’s hassel-free for you to get the best resources.
Despite our articles are imported from Italy directly, it is unavoidable that sometimes there maybe flaws or mistakes on the leathers & furs. We are happy to be your quality gatekeeper to ensure each pieces is being carefully inspected. We are also professional in taking care technical issues like storage, transportation, pricing, etc.

We are proud to be a superstore of leather that when you come along and purchase from us, you’d always find it is just hassle-free and assured on the quality.
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