We devoted our
effort to source the
best kind of leathers
& furs from Italy to
deliver to you.

We devoted our
effort to source the
best kind of leathers
& furs from Italy to
deliver to you.

Started the Journey
of seeking
for quality and diversity
since 1987.

Italian leather has always been associated with superior, fashion, and good taste with their fine quality. As one of the leading providers in Hong Kong, we have been working with Italian tanneries for more than 25 years to bring along the distinctive quality leathers & furs to the Asia market. We are also proud to work with many worldwide labels to aid their retail business. Besides that. we have started to deal with the China Domestic Market since 1992.

The Italian Quality

Producers in Italy use a variety of labor sources, with much of the process of leather production being done by hand. Hides are carefully inspected before treatment, with only the best hides being accepted, and quality checks are carried out at every stage of the way. They tend to use high quality dyes and chemicals in their products, producing consistent, durable, long-lasting leather products.




The philosophy of Fordrich is very simple, that is to be diverse on choices and superior in quality.
Fordrich calls itself a superstore of leathers & furs, providing a surprising range of items for you to select.
A grand showroom is specially set up for you to see and touch the real products.
Come and visit us!
Fordrich is more
than a business.
Founder of Fordrich, Johnnie Lau
We believe Fordrich is about aiding the business of others.
We would like to earn the trust of customers before we earn the profit.
That is the reason we do our best in our own business with a
sincere and helpful attitude.
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